Safety Measures For Controlling Electrical Fire Accidents

Fire accidents happen now and then. Staying protected and alert is the only way of getting this scary situation under control. Flickering lights, worn-out cords, faulty wires, overloaded electric outlets, scorch marks on electric outlets and plugs are all indications of irregular flow of electricity which may result in electric fire accidents.

Instead of panicking and taking impulsive decisions during fire breakouts, one should take constructive measures to control fire and prevent it from spreading. If you notice an electric break-out, off the main breakers immediately only if the fire is not close to the breaker box. Avoid making contact with wet hands and make sure the area near the box is not wet as this may result in electrocution.

As soon as you spot an electric fire break-out, call the fire department and inform them about the nature of fire. Move the people out of the premises and lead them to a safer place. If the fire is small and can be controlled, then use a fire-extinguisher to put off the fire. Again, the fire-extinguisher should be a multi-purpose ABC or class-C fire-extinguisher. Class A fire-extinguisher should never be used on electrical fire as they work only against ordinary combustibles or fibrous material and not against electrical fires.

If you are not equipped with a fire-extinguisher or if you are uncertain of its class, then simply douse large amounts of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to smother the fire. Again, this method would work only if the fire is small. In case of an electric fire, it is always advisable to seek the advice of professional firemen, even if you think the fire can be controlled.

Every person including young children should be educated on how to prevent fire accidents and how to handle such critical situations. Many accidents can be prevented, only if proper measures are implemented at the right time. Remember, half knowledge is always dangerous and may aggravate the issue, causing damage to life and property. So, don’t attempt to control fire or take precautionary measures without proper knowledge.

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